Vancouver Business Journal Interviews Wendy Lane Stevens, President of LANE PR, to Analyze Crisis Management Techniques

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Imagining the worst, gleaning the best
April 15, 2011
By J. Maury Harris

Tragedies happen every day in life. Wildfires rage, executives resign, planes crash, food is contaminated and money is extorted. In the business world, tragedy is defined as a crisis – a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events (for better or for worse) is determined.

According to Wendy Lane Stevens, president of Portland-based Lane PR, properly managing such crises vastly improves a company’s chances of emerging from any debacle on the better end of things.


McMinnville waterpark fills pools for summer – KGW, April 8, 2011

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MCMINVILLE, Ore. – The Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark in McMinnville filled its pools, preparing for its grand opening in June.

The park, billed as “the nation’s only educational and aviation-themed waterpark,” dumped 91,703 gallons of water into its wave pool Friday.



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Management Team Member Angie Galimanis Named Vice President;
Amber Roberts Advances to Managing Director

New York/Portland, Ore. — April 5, 2011 — LANE PR, an independently owned, national public relations agency, has promoted two individuals. Angie Galimanis has been appointed vice president and Amber Roberts has been named managing director.

“We are pleased to once again recognize the individuals who have made a significant impact on the agency’s growth during the past several years,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, founder and president of LANE PR. “Both of these individuals have proven extraordinary leadership skills for the agency and for our clients nationwide. We look forward to their continued success in 2011.”

Angie Galimanis as Vice President
A member of LANE PR since 2006, Galimanis has more than 15 years of public relations and marketing experience. She will drive the long-term strategic goals for a wide range of clients, including Umpqua Bank, Moonstruck Chocolate Co., The Heathman Hotel and Widmer Brothers Brewing.


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