Thought Leadership: The Importance of a Distinct Point of View

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For members of the C-suite, thought leadership can be a marketing tool to connect with the myriad constituents surrounding you – your colleagues, clients, prospects, industry partners, board members, community members and peers. While thought leadership can strategically position an exec for professional growth and his or her company for market share growth, the term is often used without being clearly defined or properly executed.


Creating an Effective Cross-Channel Strategy in the Age of Integration

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Woman at coffee shopLess than 20 years ago, marketing was segmented and relied largely on three platforms – advertising, public relations and direct sales. Today, the mix is much more crowded. Marketing is evolving day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Not only do we have access to more information and data than ever before, but also customers are increasingly educated and connected. With this comes the opportunity for brands to be a more integrated part of the customer path to purchase and to amplify that experience in as many relevant places as possible.


March Madness, Portland-style

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Portland Dining Month_EclipticPortland does March Madness a little differently than the rest of the country. Sure, we love hoops and support our local teams…we’ll fill out our brackets with the best of ‘em. But really, we’re playing a whole different ballgame.

Around here, March is Portland Dining Month, and a record-breaking 122 participants are serving up three-course meals for just $29 per person every night as we, well, write. All. Month. Long.

Portland Dining Month is brought to us from LANE client, Travel Portland and is the collaborative work of some of the most influential foodies in town. A veritable festival of food, it gives locals and visitors alike a chance to experience the best of the city’s renowned food culture without breaking the bank.


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