Millennials Crave Transparency, Communication from Brands

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Millennial consumers’ buying power is expected to reach nearly $3 trillion in 2016, making it critical that marketers in the food and beverage industry understand what makes millennials tick in order to effectively reach them.

One thing we’ve learned is that millennials are attracted to authentic, trustworthy brands that they feel a genuine connection with.  Millennials are increasingly seeking out ethical and more transparent alternatives to brands that use conventional fast, mass production processes, for example:

  • 59 percent of millennials will stop buying a brand’s products if they believe the brand is unethical or untrustworthy
  • 58 percent of millennials agree that purchasing decisions reflect a person’s personal values
  • 74 percent wish food companies were more transparent about how they make their products

So how can brands be more transparent? Simply put: Communication is key. Here are three examples of companies that are leading the way in transparency and operational visibility:


Thought Leadership: The Importance of a Distinct Point of View

Posted by: Admin in: Financial Services -

For members of the C-suite, thought leadership can be a marketing tool to connect with the myriad constituents surrounding you – your colleagues, clients, prospects, industry partners, board members, community members and peers. While thought leadership can strategically position an exec for professional growth and his or her company for market share growth, the term is often used without being clearly defined or properly executed.


Creating an Effective Cross-Channel Strategy in the Age of Integration

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Woman at coffee shopLess than 20 years ago, marketing was segmented and relied largely on three platforms – advertising, public relations and direct sales. Today, the mix is much more crowded. Marketing is evolving day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Not only do we have access to more information and data than ever before, but also customers are increasingly educated and connected. With this comes the opportunity for brands to be a more integrated part of the customer path to purchase and to amplify that experience in as many relevant places as possible.


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