6 Trends and Observations from Feast Portland 2017

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Feast Portland is an annual paradise for foodies, and this year’s edition did not disappoint. In a town known for its love of imaginative cuisine and high-quality beverages, Feast brings together top chefs from local restaurants as well as around the world, and pairs their creations with the best wine, spirits, beer and other libations. Following are a few trends and other observations from our weekend at the festival.


Ready. Set. Feast! Our top picks for Feast Portland 2017

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We’re counting down to one of the nation’s biggest food festivals, which just happens to be in our backyard. Feast Portland is back for a sixth consecutive year, and this culinary celebration just gets better every time.

From signature main productions to on-trend classes, panels and fun-size events, Feast always manages to elevate our food and drink experiences.

Held Sept. 14-17 at venues around the city, Feast has our entire LANE staff salivating. Our festival veterans are winnowing their choices, while neophytes are anxiously anticipating the stuff of which legends are made. Here are just a few perspectives on what we’re looking forward to:

Stephanie Celenza
This will be my first time attending Feast Portland, and I am excited about all of it! Latin cuisine is my favorite, which means I’ll be trying everything at the Night Market. And my favorite meal of the day, hands down, is brunch. It’s what I do best on the weekends, so you’ll definitely find me sampling all the deliciousness at Brunch Village. Plus, I’m a big Christina Tosi fan. I dream of the Milk Bar B’Day Truffles and Compost Cookie, so I can’t wait to see what she will be showcasing at this year’s brunch spread.


Insights from Digital Banking 2017: Delivering on Speed and Simplicity

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At Digital Banking 2017, financial industry professionals gathered to exchange experiences and ideas revolving around how to connect with customers in a fast-changing industry.

In recent years, traditional banks have worked to earn back consumer confidence in the wake of the financial crisis, while fintech firms have stepped in to disrupt the environment with advanced digital tools and capabilities. What both sets of stakeholders can agree on now is that consumers are always in search of time-saving tools that need to be intuitive and safe.

With fintech companies setting the bar and often serving as partners, banks are working to deliver digital tools with the speed, simplicity and security consumers have come to expect.

Some compelling features are coming from big banks like Citi, which created CitiFintech to focus on game-changing applications. The global bank is one of the few to bridge banking, money movement and wealth management in one app. Designed for its top-tier clientele, the app engaged 2,500 customers in five months with 32 core features and 60 sub-features. The approval time to open a brokerage account was slashed 75 percent, and applicants now have 55 percent fewer fields to complete when opening an account.


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