Insights from Digital Banking 2017: Traditional Banks Pursue Human-centric Digital Solutions

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American Banker’s Digital Banking 2017 conference brought together hundreds of fintech companies and banks of all sizes to discuss the impact of technological advances on the financial industry and highlight how traditional banks are paving a path forward in this digitally driven environment.

As consumers have grown more tech savvy and connected via their smartphones, they’re expecting more robust tools at their fingertips from any organization with which they interact, including their banks. But as traditional banks have been relatively slow to hop on the bandwagon – thanks, in part, to their need to funnel resources to regulatory and compliance requirements – consumer satisfaction has been slow to increase.

Traditional branch-based banks continue grappling with issues of trust from a financial crisis that can’t seem to be put firmly in the rear-view mirror. At the same time, fintech firms have been increasingly disrupting the industry and are building loyalty in the process. They are finding ways to engage customers by not only delivering the financial services they want, but providing ease of access at all the right touchpoints. Additionally, a perception that fintech is on the cutting edge of innovation is helping the sector draw and retain digital talent.


Cool for Summer: Four favorite food and beverage trends

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At LANE, we’re keeping cool with some of the summer’s hottest trends. Whether in New York or Portland, we’re taking full advantage of the light, fresh flavors of the season, from bubbly in our glasses to berries in our bowls and more. Read on for a few of our favorite sips and bites for summer.

Natural Sparkling Wines

Rosé lovers, make room for natural sparkling wines as the go-to summer thirst quencher. Wine writer Alice Feiring, in Portland promoting her book, “The Dirty Guide to Wine,” recently led us through a tasting of natural Oregon wines. Already popular in France and Japan, natural wines are growing in popularity in the U.S. and may even become the norm in as little as five years. Feiring thinks they could redefine good wine, and we’re looking forward to learning more from her book, as well as from Marissa Ross’s new title, “Wine. All the Time.”

Smoothie Bowls

Some may think the bowl trend has gotten a little out of hand, with Instagram feeds clogged with acai, poke, smoothie and Buddha bowls. While we don’t disagree, we do want to point out that the fresh summertime bounty kicks up the flavor of smoothie bowls, so don’t be too quick to dismiss this trend. In the Northwest, u-pick farms and orchards (not to mention many local farmers markets) are heaving with bright, tempting berries, plums and peaches for summer, and heartier apples and pears will easily get us through autumn.

Popsicle Cocktails

More cocktail bars and restaurants are picking up on the popsicle + cocktail concept this summer, and you’ll find no complaints from us. If you’re in New York, try this delicious concept at Loopy Doopy, which has been perfecting the practice over the past few summers. People’s Pops are put headfirst into signature cocktails, keeping the drink well chilled and resulting in better and better flavor as the icy treat melts.



“Confessions Of A Modern Traveler” Survey Reveals Americans’ Love For Summer Lovin’

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The “Vacation-Version” of most American travelers is more likely to spend summer days taking risks and acting out spontaneously, while many singles will look for a romantic rendezvous on their summer nights, according to a new Finn Futures™ survey conducted by Finn Partners’ global travel and lifestyle practice.

Sixty one percent of Americans agree that, when on vacation, they make different decisions, take risks, and are more spontaneous compared to everyday life. Meanwhile, 36 percent of single travelers surveyed said they are more likely to make a “romantic connection” with someone they just met if they are on vacation compared to their normal, day-to-day life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, double the number of men (51 percent) are more likely to make that “romantic connection” on vacation than women (25 percent).

And while American travelers are embracing a Summer of Love in 2017, the only “vacation shame” they’re likely to receive is if they spend too much time out of the office, with 37 percent of Millennials aged under 30-years-old likely to resent work colleagues for taking their full allocation of vacation time – compared to just 10 percent for Baby Boomers aged over 60.

The findings of the 2017 “Confessions of a Modern Traveler” report reveal opportunities to develop custom tourism products and open new market segments for destinations and their hospitality partners looking to reach underserved traveler profiles.


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