Celebrating Summer

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summer Tree Top We kicked off summer a bit early here (us Oregonians need some serious sun in our lives!) with a Tree Top summer photo shoot. The goods included iced tea, apple pie, barbecue sauce, fried chicken and of course, Tree Top apple juice!

We thought we’d share a few snaps from the shoot …



It’s a fair question: What is the ROI of Social Media?

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Social Media Club of Portland There is a question that comes up regularly in conversations with business owners, marketing departments, and the agencies hired to promote their company or products: “What is the ROI?”

It’s a fair question. It’s the ultimate question of all business. Literally, “Return On Investment (ROI)” is a principle all businesses must heed in their endeavors. The cost-benefit analysis of buying a piece of equipment in a factory can be calculated. Sales in an organization should be able to be tracked to a lead too.


Blood, Sweat and Tears at Tabor Tavern

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Tabor TavernWhile we as an agency have always been entrepreneurial, resourceful and sometimes downright scrappy, I guess I’d never really completely understood the financial pressures associated with business ownership.  The last few weeks have been more enlightening than I could have ever predicted.  One of our agency’s core values has an entirely new meaning: “To guard and protect our clients’ resources as if they were my own.”  I’ll cheers to that!



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