The Great Googa Mooga!

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Googa MoogaOn Saturday, May 19th,  hordes of food, wine, and music loving New Yorkers descended on Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for The Great Googa Mooga!  The Great Googa Mooga, organized by the same group that produces Bonaroo and SF’s Outside Lands festivals, featured tents filled with craft brewers, quality winemakers, and about 75 of NYC’s hottest restaurants and food vendors.


Work/Life Balance

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kickballersDo people ever ask you the quasi-obnoxious question “what are your hobbies?” This always irks me for some reason, likely because most people do not consider shopping, dining out and going to the gym, hobbies. But can I help it if these are my favorite things to do? I think not.

Regardless, I have found a new hobby that very likely could actually qualify for the hobby category – kickball.


Making Public Relations Strategies Original Every Time

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When we think about innovation, we often think about new ideas and processes that change the way we do business. Sometimes, though, it’s about applying a tried-and-true method in a manner that’s new to our clients.

For ZAGG, a mobile device accessories company that’s Zealous About Great Gadgets, gaining the good opinion of tech reviewers lends credibility to their product claims and provides critical third-party endorsement that drives sales.


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