Why PR Pros Love Real-Time Video Content

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider just how much a video could be worth. As storytellers, PR pros gravitate toward real-time video content. And it’s not just us.

Consumers love video, particularly live video. Research shows that because of its immediacy, live video comes across as unscripted and authentic. It can tell a story quickly and personally, and it provides a glimpse into the real workings of a brand. Perhaps most importantly, when done well, video breaks through today’s crowded media environment so that brands can connect with their target markets.

While only 14 percent of marketers tried live video in their campaigns in 2016, that number will shoot to 43 percent this year.

Video is a great way to connect with a range of audiences, such as through property tours of a travel destination, the making of a new product for a sneak peek, or a live Q&A with the inspiration behind a brand development.


2017 Food & Beverage Beat

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