Insights from Digital Banking 2017: Traditional Banks Pursue Human-centric Digital Solutions

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American Banker’s Digital Banking 2017 conference brought together hundreds of fintech companies and banks of all sizes to discuss the impact of technological advances on the financial industry and highlight how traditional banks are paving a path forward in this digitally driven environment.

As consumers have grown more tech savvy and connected via their smartphones, they’re expecting more robust tools at their fingertips from any organization with which they interact, including their banks. But as traditional banks have been relatively slow to hop on the bandwagon – thanks, in part, to their need to funnel resources to regulatory and compliance requirements – consumer satisfaction has been slow to increase.

Traditional branch-based banks continue grappling with issues of trust from a financial crisis that can’t seem to be put firmly in the rear-view mirror. At the same time, fintech firms have been increasingly disrupting the industry and are building loyalty in the process. They are finding ways to engage customers by not only delivering the financial services they want, but providing ease of access at all the right touchpoints. Additionally, a perception that fintech is on the cutting edge of innovation is helping the sector draw and retain digital talent.


Partner Up: Amplify Your Messaging via Brand Partnerships

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Brand partnerships offer the opportunity to connect with new audiences and gain visibility in previously unexplored markets. Two voices are also better than one: when both brands articulate consistent messages, their communications can rise above the din of a crowded marketplace.

When determining a strategic partner, it’s important to consider the compatibility of brand values, audiences and communications channels. Take some notes from financial services firms that have put strategic brand partnerships into action:


  1. MasterCard, ApplePay and Gwen Stefani.

MasterCard and Apply Pay joined forces to launch a secure mobile payment platform for cardholders, enlisting pop icon Gwen Stefani to raise awareness of the payment option through a robust, integrated campaign. The credit card company augmented its well-known “Priceless” campaign with “Priceless Surprises,” creating excitement through unexpected prizes – a handbag, a golf trip, tickets to a Stefani concert – and incentives for using the new app.


Boost Your Next Event Via Festivalization

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When it comes to planning events to increase visibility and engage customers, B2B brands are increasingly looking to the consumer side for inspiration. Music, tech, film and food festivals have grown into multidimensional experiences that are playing to all the senses, driving social media engagement and increasing visibility and demand.

While your next conference or event may not take on Coachella proportions, taking some cues from this festival and others can help boost attendance and engagement.

Partner Up
A bigger event has the potential to make a bigger splash. Consider joining forces with organizations from complementary industries to create a multidisciplinary program that engages attendees on multiple levels.

A regional bank catering to small business customers, for instance, could partner with local tech companies and health and wellness providers – participants could gain not only valuable business knowledge, but also pointers on how to address their own well-being to be more successful overall. Creating such a robust and diverse participant roster can enable attendees to find unexpected sources of inspiration or solutions to challenging issues.



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