You CAN Measure Social Media

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“It doesn’t matter how many Facebook fans you have.  It matters how many people are talking about your brand.”

NY Life’s Social Media AVP, Gregg Weiss, believes you can measure social media.


Why Social Media is Perfect for Banks

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At a financial services communications event last week, I sat in on a talk fromCiti’s social media guru,Frank Eliason, who has a book coming out entitled “At Your Service” in Spring 2012.

Frank caught my attention when he stated that social media is a perfect fit for banks. Why does he believe this?


A special day at the NYSE, where technology has really made its mark

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NYSEAs part of LANE PR’s increased focus on investor relations offerings, I have been attending classes at New York University, which provides access to industry experts with a wealth of IR knowledge and experience.

On Nov. 11, I had the opportunity to tour the New York Stock Exchange during the opening bell.  As it was Veterans Day, the Marines, who had just celebrated their 236th birthday, were being honored and rang the opening bell.


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