Earned, owned, paid: how do you find the right mix?

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The media landscape has grown more complicated in recent years, and while there are countless opinions on the optimal marketing mix, there’s no right answer. Fortunately, American Banker’s 10th Annual Financial Services Marketing + Innovation Symposium gathered a panel of experts to provide some guidelines. Representatives from industry leaders like AMEX, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn, Bank of the West and JP Morgan Chase provided some valuable insights:

1.) For first-ever campaigns and launches, paid media can be critical to getting an effort off the ground.

2.)  Over time, once a campaign has grown, consider reducing the reliance on paid (advertising) and focus more on earned media coverage (public relations).

3,) Not surprising, earned media remains the best, most sustainable media; placements are typically customer testimonials, and nothing is as powerful as customers validating a brand.



Sterling Bank Opens First Downtown Portland Branch

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I had the opportunity to be on hand at Sterling Bank’s grand opening celebration of their new retail branch in downtown Portland. Carol Mangan, Sterling’s Oregon Market President, Ezra Eckhardt Sterling President and COO and Sandy McDonough, Portland Business Alliance President spoke to approximately 30 Sterling Bank employees during the ribbon cutting ceremony. The branch incorporates the latest Sterling Bank branding designs.

Sterling bank opening


Where were you on Sept. 15, 2008?

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CirisFour years later, the economic crisis continues through a slow drumbeat of negative news that reinforces the notion of Wall Street operating on a different set of rules.

What can we learn from the financial meltdown?

Transparency is your best risk insurance.

Proactive communication involves taking the initiative to frame the issue or describe your company on your own terms. Being open and  honest is important too. Establishing strong media relationships and communicating first gives you the advantage. This not only keeps the lines of communication open, but also establishes a reservoir of goodwill to draw from when an unexpected crisis occurs.


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