Eating and drinking well in Sonoma, with Mike Martini and Bruce Aidells

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winemakersLast week, I had the pleasure of joining LANE PR clientMike Martini, winemaker forLouis M. Martini, as he played sous chef to Bruce Aidells for the taping of an upcomingGet Cookinepisode for theLive Well Network. The shoot took place at Bruce’s beautiful home, which overlooks acres of farmland and vineyards.


Cheers to Beer! American Craft Beer Fest in Boston

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Cheers to BeerLast weekend was the AmericanCraft Beer Festin Boston. Over 70 breweries came together to celebrate Boston Craft Beer Week.


Our clients Redhook and Widmer both had large booths at the event pouring over 15 quality craft beers. Rob Widmer also made a special appearance and was pouring beer for the masses. Cheers to beer!


A Frog, A Mad Cow, and a Dragon Walk into a Bar…

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208358_10150129122562030_32478432029_6693244_1526938_n1Everyone who sits within laughing distance of me at LANE PR knows how much I enjoy working on theDutch Bros. Coffeeaccount.

I mean, you gotta love a company who strives to—and succeeds at—being much more than a place to get your morning coffee.


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