Millennials Crave Transparency, Communication from Brands

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Millennial consumers’ buying power is expected to reach nearly $3 trillion in 2016, making it critical that marketers in the food and beverage industry understand what makes millennials tick in order to effectively reach them.

One thing we’ve learned is that millennials are attracted to authentic, trustworthy brands that they feel a genuine connection with.  Millennials are increasingly seeking out ethical and more transparent alternatives to brands that use conventional fast, mass production processes, for example:

  • 59 percent of millennials will stop buying a brand’s products if they believe the brand is unethical or untrustworthy
  • 58 percent of millennials agree that purchasing decisions reflect a person’s personal values
  • 74 percent wish food companies were more transparent about how they make their products

So how can brands be more transparent? Simply put: Communication is key. Here are three examples of companies that are leading the way in transparency and operational visibility:


Follow 2016’s Food & Beverage Trends

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Food and Bev Sample ImageThis year, will you unwind with an Oregon white blend, or a beer cocktail or a made-just-for-you drink? Will you get a health boost from plant-based eating, superfruits in your chocolate or no-sugar iced tea?


Star Chefs 10th Annual International Chefs Conference

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Star Chefs Rising Stars Gala 2015Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Star Chefs International Chefs Conference (ICC) raised the bar by gathering some of the industry’s top talent and showcasing the future of food and beverage. The event took a deep dive into the growing importance of the food and beverage industry through main stage cooking demonstrations; hands-on savory, pastry and bartender workshops; wine tasting seminars; business panels and a products fair.

Check out what we saw at this year’s Star Chefs ICC…


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