Is Learning to Taste a Real Thing?

Posted by: Rachael Kaapu in: Food/Beverage -

dark-brown-milk-candyTasting foods and beverages is a fascinating and complex process using the five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and, on some occasions, sound. We identify foods based on previous knowledge stored in our memory banks. Whether it’s an old favorite or something new to our palate, we rationalize and categorize tastes by assimilating them with other tastes we are familiar with…


Austin Food + Wine Festival 2015: Brand Integration at its Finest

Posted by: KristinHeilman in: Food/Beverage -

Austin Food and Wine

Last month, I attended Food & Wine Magazine’s Austin Food + Wine Festival in Texas. As both a PR professional and an avid food and wine lover, I was curious to see what brands would do to get their audiences’ attention. What I learned: thoughtful brand integration coupled with memorable experiences is the key to success…


Austin: Eat, Drink, Shop, Lounge, Explore

Posted by: AmberRoberts in: Consumer Lifestyle - Food/Beverage -

After a fun weekend in Austin – exploring the city and trying out its amazing restaurants, food carts and live music venues – I thought I’d share some of my local favorites.

Austin scene


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