Instagram Announces New Features, Moves in on Snapchat and Periscope Market Share

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instagramInstagram, the Facebook-owned social media behemoth, made a power move last Monday when it announced it will soon release live video capabilities to Instagram Stories as well as disappearing photos and videos within its Instagram Direct messaging feature. The company confirmed that these features would be rolled out within the next few weeks.


How Brands Can Slay Facebook Live

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facebook-liveWhile Facebook users have been quick to test this new feature, brands have been slightly more hesitant about embracing it. However, there have been several consumer brands that have had stellar success with Facebook Live.


Shedding Light on the World of Dark Social

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barcelona spain - june 28 2015 - tourist taking a photo of the magic fountain with an iphone

We’ve all done it: participated in dark social. But it’s not as illicit as it sounds. Dark Social is web traffic generated from social shares that do not pass as referrals by analytic tools. These social shares are usually links copied and pasted into emails, direct messages, texts or shared via apps like SnapChat and WhatsApp. These shares are not tracked as social media referrals in Google Analytics but rather show up as direct traffic.


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