A Frog, A Mad Cow, and a Dragon Walk into a Bar…

Posted by: Megan McMorris in: Consumer Lifestyle - Food/Beverage -

cup_small1Everyone who sits within laughing distance of me at LANE PR knows how much I enjoy working on the Dutch Bros. Coffee account.

I mean, you gotta love a company who strives to—and succeeds at—being much more than a place to get your morning coffee.

From charity events to giveaways, Dutch Bros. is dedicated to giving back to their local communities, and they’ve achieved somewhat of a cult following (hey, don’t take my word for it, over 100,000 people can’t be wrong—they just reached that milestone on their Facebook fan page!).
And now, they aim to entertain: This month, the coffee company introduces its first full-length comic book, Dutch Bros. Freedom Fighters.

The cast of characters will be familiar to Dutch Bros. fans—the popular Dutch Mafia, Fro and Mullet characters join an eclectic line-up featuring a female superhero (!), a dragon who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed without his morning coffee, an evil Mad Cow, and his martial-arts-trained frog sidekick.

All 159 Dutch Bros. locations are distributing them for free throughout the month of April. See you there!

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