A Summer Surprise: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

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Today, LANE PR screamed for ice cream.  We pretended we were little kids again, and ran outside to meet the ice cream truck. We cried for joy when it pulled up and stopped in front of our front door. To top it all off,  the ice cream was FREE, thanks to our pals at Ben & Jerry’s. We enjoyed our free ice cream in the sunshine, and walked back to our desks happy and full. Here’s how it all came to be…



Yesterday, I happened to read about a twitter campaign that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was promoting. In short, the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck was set to be in Portland this week, and they were making random stops around town and giving out FREE scoops of its new Greek frozen yogurt. To request a stop, all you had to do was mention @BenJerrysWest on Twitter and ask them to stop by your neighborhood or at your business. And it helped if you used the hashtag #OMGFREEBENJERRYS. So I tweeted from our @LANEPR account and crossed my fingers. Sure enough, the lovely folks at Ben & Jerry’s tweeted me back, and the rest is history!



It’s amazing how a little afternoon ice cream can make someone’s day – thanks Ben & Jerry’s for the visit and delicious ice cream (or rather Greek yogurt) treats!

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