Blood, Sweat and Tears at Tabor Tavern

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tabortavernThose who know me know that I love good food and drink.  When I am not eating or drinking, I am plotting my next sip or bite, scouring Eater.com or asking the guy with the tattoo of a kitchen cleaver on his forearm for his list of favorite restaurants or brewpubs.

Not surprisingly, I met my husband in 1997 while working for the restaurant group, McMenamins Pubs & Breweries.  He was working as the general manager and I as the PR manager. Aside from his generosity, patience and hilariously nerdy dance moves, I firmly believe that our shared passion for food and travel is the glue that has held us together all this time.

Fast forward 15 years and my husband and I are six weeks out from opening our own restaurant and bar in Portland’s eastside. A 2,300 sq. ft. space on the corner of 53rd and Burnside, Tabor Tavern is a life-long dream for my husband and I pledged to support him any way I could.  However, somewhere between scrubbing walls and selecting new bathroom sinks, something else has happened: I’ve been granted a deeper understanding of pride in ownership.

While we as an agency have always been entrepreneurial, resourceful and sometimes downright scrappy, I guess I’d never really completely understood the financial pressures associated with business ownership.  The last few weeks have been more enlightening than I could have ever predicted.  One of our agency’s core values has an entirely new meaning: “To guard and protect our clients’ resources as if they were my own.”  I’ll cheers to that!

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