Engaging Your Consumers using Social Media: Real World Example

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We all know that, when used correctly, social networking sites (like Facebook) and microblogging services (such as Twitter) can be an excellent means of promoting new products or services and even building brand loyalty.  I am always listening for good examples of how this is being done in the real world, and yesterday, I heard one. A woman was shopping at a local clothier for vacation attire.  As she was ringing up her purchases, the salesperson asked her if she was going somewhere fun.  When she replied “Costa Rica,” the salesperson handed her a card inscribed with the store’s Facebook page and Flickr account. “When you get there, take pictures of yourself in your new clothes and post them to our sites!”  Assuming the woman takes the retailer up on the offer, this clever tactic serves several purposes:

  1. The retailer gains greater reach by adding the woman to the retailer’s group of “friends.”  By doing so, the woman has essentially given her permission to receive special offers, messages and news from the retailer.
  2. The retailer earns a third party endorsement.
  3. The retailer gives emphasis to its position as a lifestyle brand for jet setters.
  4. The retailer has an instant ad campaign without paying travel costs, model and photographer fees.

Another thing the retailer could have done to gain greater involvement?  Incent shoppers to post their photos by holding a monthly drawing for an all-expense paid trip to another exotic locale.

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