Facebook Brand Page Redesign: What You Need to Know

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You may have noticed some recent changes on your favorite brand pages on Facebook. On March 10, Facebook officially changed all brand pages to more closely resemble individual Facebook profiles. And not only do they look similar, brand pages now have more of the functionality one finds with their personal profile.

What opportunity does this present for companies with brand pages?

• Brand page administrators can now post content and interact on their respective pages as either individuals or as the brand itself. This can be very useful for customer service situations as fans can interact with an individual administrator Facebooking on behalf of the brand.

• Brand pages can interact with other pages, including liking content or commenting on other brand pages. This means brand pages can receive a news feed from other pages your brand may like—just like an individual. This can be used to engage influencers of your brand, such as bloggers or partner businesses.

• Page owners can now integrate tracking platforms like Google Analytics thanks to the improved iframes of the tabs. This allows users similar functionality found on normal websites.

For additional insights, David Berkowitz, an Ad Age blogger, outlined three of the biggest changes and provided tips on utilizing the redesign for your brand page’s advantage—a must read.

Here is the official Facebook announcement.

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