Friday Tweet Specials

Posted by: AlisonFisker in: Consumer Lifestyle -

I am getting into Twitter more every day.  It’s exciting to see which companies and brands are using Twitter and how they’re using it to promote their business and/or product.  Last week I went to Voicebox (www.voiceboxpdx.com), a new karaoke hot spot in Portland.  It’s not a typical karaoke bar; you rent private rooms for 10-12 people.  When we arrived, an employee promptly got us set up in our private room and took our drink orders.  He announced that if we were on Twitter and started “following” @voiceboxpdx on Twitter, or even just gave them a shout out, we would receive two-for-one drinks for the entire evening.

I thought it was a genius idea. Voicebox makes instant Twitter followers with every group that comes in.  And because I now follow @voiceboxpdx on Twitter, I am privy to Friday tweet specials.  Last week’s special was the first two groups to “tweet” that evening got a private room for 18 people at half the cost. If you’re on Twitter, check them out.

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