Haiti, how we can help right now

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A massive online movement has taken place over the past 24 hours via Facebook, Twitter and other social forums where people shared their opinions on the Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC controversy.  The media is reporting that tens of thousands of people took part in this online movement yesterday afternoon alone.

Just as the volume of this online activity reached its height yesterday, we were hit with the news of the devastation that occurred in Haiti. It was an instant reality check for all of us. A reminder of the life and death issues facing the world that are much more important than the future of our late night TV.

The family of a dear friend of mine is in Haiti. She has only been able to reach a few of these family members over the past 24 hours. The fate of some of her loved ones is unknown as I write this post.

If everyone that took the time to voice their “O’Brien vs. Leno” opinion now took a moment to donate to the rescue effort in Haiti, we would be able to make a small dent in the tremendous need for resources that now exists in Haiti.

If you are looking for a way to help and are able to do so, here are some links to organizations through which you can make a donation online:




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