How Brands Can Successfully Collaborate With Influencers

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The media landscape is constantly evolving to meet consumer demands, and one of the biggest opportunities that has emerged from this state of change is collaboration with influencers for branded campaigns.

Influencers have a powerful and authentic connection with audiences and are proven to help build buzz and generate awareness for brands of all types. More specifically, influencer campaigns can increase exposure, facilitate content generation, grow social media followers and awareness, enhance SEO and increase sales.

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How to find an influencer who is right for your brand.

Matching an influencer with a brand is the most important part of any influencer campaign. We recommend focusing the search on specific platforms and demographics, making sure to find influencers who excel on a certain channel(s) and effectively connect with their audiences.

Making a list of pros and cons and reviewing past content and engagement is a must to ensure that the influencers’ voice matches that of the brand.

Don’t forget your brand’s objectives!

An influencer’s sphere is only as strong as the audience they command. So even though you could pay Kim Kardashian to tweet to millions about your brand, someone with fewer followers could be a far better fit for the objectives of the campaign and garner better overall results and audience engagement. So identifying an influencer that will reach your target audience is crucial.

A case for Steaz.

LANE’s client, Steaz, an organic, fair trade green tea company in Doylestown, Pa., is an example of a successful influencer program that positively impacted a brand. LANE identified 11 influencers who were brand-right for Steaz. These influencers’ posts ranged from lifestyle focused by Cloudy with a Chance of Wine to food and wellness features from Primally Inspired to healthy living social posts from @BrooklynHawaii and @LaurenScruggs.

The campaign garnered more than 7 million impressions and 44,000 direct engagements across 50 blog and social media posts. Throughout the campaign over 200 posts with the hashtag #Steaz were shared among influencers and fans with a frequency of 1.4 times per day. As a result of the campaign, the Steaz social following grew by 17 percent.

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