Insights from Feast Portland 2015

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A look at how brands engaged, the latest trends and which elements really stood out.



Brands that connected

Sokol Blosser winery (a LANE client) offered a daring education in opening Evolution Sparkling bottles with a saber. Social media was abuzz with images and video of Sabertron at the Night Market and at Doug Fir’s afterparty.

Dave’s Killer Bread’s interactive booth at Oregon Smoked! enticed passersby with a make-your-own-s’mores set-up complete with a fire pit for roasting Quin Candy’s locally crafted marshmallows. A prize wheel – with winnings ranging from a hug or fist bump to branded gear – added to the fun and festive mood.

Will Leather Goods made souvenirs cool again with a crafting station where participants could emboss their own leather keychains as a Feast memento.


Trends with sticking potential

Not an event for those with dietary restrictions, Feast gives chefs free reign. This year, chefs turned to local honey and copious varieties of meat to showcase their creativity and skill. Oregonians have embraced bee culture, and Feast served as an ideal venue to demonstrate how urban apiaries bring hyper-local flavor to the table.

Feast offered meat, meat and more meat… the sheer variety at Smoked! was a sight to behold. Everything from rabbit to cow tongue to lamb was being grilled or smoked, with lamb being particularly prevalent this year.

(Photo credit: @ChefFalkner, @EatMag)

(Photo credit: @ChefFalkner, @EatMag)


Stand-outs of Feast

Feast was a star-studded event this year. Seeing Mei Lin, Doug Adams and Gregory Gourdet of Top Chef enjoying the festivities injected great excitement. At the Sandwich Invitational, fans waited more than 30 minutes in line for a taste of Gourdet’s Chinese BBQ pork crepe (which nabbed the judges’ award).

Among the events, the Night Market remains a star and was made more special this year by the beautifully lit, newly opened Tilikum Crossing in the backdrop. The music, food and atmosphere were evocative of an Asian market. It continues to impress, but so did Smoked! Organizers hit it out of the ballpark for this first-year event. It was well organized and filled with amazing chefs, brands and views.

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