Location, location, location

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There is a burrito cart that I can see from my office window.  This particular cart used to be around the corner and out of site.  I have to admit, I did visit the cart once or twice when it was in the previous location.  I never had to wait in line – just walked right up and gave my order.

Since the move, the line is often 10 – 15 deep.  Why?  Did he employ a fabulous PR firm? Did he purchase a billboard on 217?  Did he develop a Facebook page, which now boasts 500 “friends?” As you can imagine, the answer to all of these questions is most likely – no.

So why the sudden spike in business?  Location, location, location.  The cart is now within eyeshot of Lincoln High School.  While he still gets a trickling of local business people looking for a quick lunch, the bulk of his new clientele includes the 14 – 18-year-old crowd, clamoring for a big burrito.  A simple move from one corner to another increased his business substantially.

If people can’t find you, they can’t purchase your product.  This goes for physical location as well as web- based location.  The easier you can make it for a potential customer to find you the better.  From search engine optimization to a targeted social media campaign, making yourself seen is the key to success.

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