Making Public Relations Strategies Original Every Time

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22-01-2When we think about innovation, we often think about new ideas and processes that change the way we do business. Sometimes, though, it’s about applying a tried-and-true method in a manner that’s new to our clients.

For ZAGG, a mobile device accessories company that’s Zealous About Great Gadgets, gaining the good opinion of tech reviewers lends credibility to their product claims and provides critical third-party endorsement that drives sales. While ZAGG has always courted reviewers with new products, LANE PR’s team has ramped up and streamlined efforts. Our team works with top-tier reviewers, seeding products under embargo and talking up new features.

With a well orchestrated, turnkey approach, our team is prompting product reviews and generating consumer demand just as ZAGG’s latest releases are hitting store shelves. As a result, coverage and critical endorsement from star reviewers, like Walk Mossberg of the Wall St. Journal, are spurring sales growth. That’s the kind of success we’re zealous about!

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