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Public relations used to be the practice of approaching the traditional media to garner third party endorsements for our clients.  These endorsements were valued by our client’s customers and their sales rose as a result.

Today, with many traditional media shutting down or moving to the internet, public relations messages placed on the web have the ability to drive a client’s sales as well as attract articles.  This is an amazing leap forward in the value of public relations.

Driving a client’s sales on the web means pushing the client’s name up to the number one or two slot on search engines.  At LANE PR we are now as focused on a client’s search results as we are on the quantity of clips that we garner for them.

We implement social media campaigns and drive search rankings by optimizing all of the usual public relations tools – press releases, white papers, media kits, etc.  Additionally, we are now responsible for our client’s news rooms and monitoring their search rankings and Google Analytics accounts.  Bringing these tools under our responsibility allows us to effectively monitor the results of our public relations efforts.   Public relations can now accomplish organically what pay-for-click attempts to do.

I started LANE PR in 1990 as a public relations agency with the belief that PR was the most cost effective tool to increase sales and grow value for our clients.  Now with the advent of new media, this statement holds more weight than ever.

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