Please Don’t Scare Me

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Growing up, my father loved nothing more than to scare the wits out of my little sister and me by jumping out from behind things.  Much to our dismay, he has continued this tradition in to our adult life.  This time of year, swarms of people flock to scary movies and haunted houses and pay to be scared.  I will admit, scaring can be fun for the person who is doing the scaring, I just don’t see how it’s at all enjoyable for the person being scared.

Another case in point – the Heathman Hotel.  Did you know it’s haunted?  For years, room 703 has experienced many mysterious incidents. Guests who leave a clean room return to find a towel used, glass of water out or desk chair moved. According to legend, many years ago, a guest checked into the Heathman and never checked out. As a result, every year guests and the media flock to the Heathman, each clamoring to stay in room 703 on October 31.  Again, not my cup of tea!  Frankly, I would rather stay as far away from that room as possible!  Maybe the Andy Warhol suite on the 8th floor instead?

If you enjoy being scared, then I wish you a spooky, scream-filled Halloween.  As for me, I will be hard at work, steering clear of my father who, most likely, will be lingering behind closed doors just waiting to jump out and watch me hit the ceiling!

Happy Halloween!

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