Pledging to Practice and Making a Difference

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Male Pupil Playing Trumpet In High School Orchestra

Did you know that March was Music in Our Schools Month? A call to action for all of us to help ensure music stays part of our child’s education.  In honor of this month, Music & Arts  launched a two-week nationwide Facebook sweepstakes challenging musicians everywhere to make a Pledge to Practice.  The collaborative goal was for all musicians who pledge to practice to reach 100,000 minutes by March 31.

The two-week Facebook sweepstakes received an overwhelming response from musicians everywhere!  On campaign launch day, Music & Arts received pledges to practice from about 650 musicians who pledged a total of 36,000 minutes.  Those first 36,000 minutes had Music & Arts well on its way to surpassing the goal of 100,000 and in just five days, musicians pledged more than 100,000 minutes.  What’s even more exciting?  By March 31, Music & Arts ended the sweepstakes with more than 243,000 minutes from over 1,900 musicians!

In celebration of all those who pledged and are committed to their music, Music & Arts is donating up to $10,000 to Give a Note Foundation, an organization providing music education opportunities for all children, especially those in low-income and underserved areas.  All musicians who took the pledge were entered to win $2,000 of musical products from Music & Arts. Stay tuned into the Music & Arts Facebook page — the winner will be announced soon!

Both Music & Arts and LANE are truly humbled by the significant interest from everyone who took part in this movement for everyone to have access to all the unique experiences music brings to our lives.  We can’t wait to keep the Pledge to Practice tradition alive in March 2014!

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