To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

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With so many forms of social media and the world buzzing from every corner, should we all be flooding the Twitterverse with random news and information or should our tweets be a bit more targeted? Perhaps it’s been too long since we talked about Twitter etiquette:

1. Don’t aggravate your followers by flooding their timeline with endless tweets every day. Be mindful of the quantity and quality of your posts.

2. @ replies are arguably Twitter’s biggest cause for confusion. Messages that start with “@ HANDLE” can only be seen by those who follow both the sender and recipient of the note. If you want to ensure that your message is shared with both current and potential followers, have your message re-worked to include the ‘@’ somewhere else in the message.

3. What’s with all the abbreviations? Spelling still counts on Twitter, so let’s try and talk as we do in real life. If you have so much to say that you need to abbreviate words to fit them in a tweet, consider sending multiple tweets or calling someone instead.

4. When and Where to tweet. This seems like an obvious one, but so many people fail to recognize when and where it is appropriate to tweet. For example, it is NOT ok to tweet in the middle of a company presentation, client meeting, from an awards ceremony or seminar. Save the tweets until you get home. Tweets do have time stamps, and you don’t want to give the impression you weren’t paying attention. Use your manners!

5. Trying to retweet but it causes you to go over the character limit? It’s important to include “RT @username” so it’s recommended to cut short the end of the message or reword slightly to make it fit.

6. Don’t self-promote! While you may think it’s important, consider your audience. This applies to businesses and individuals alike. If all of your tweets consist of continuous plugs for yourself, your business, or your clients, expect to lose followers…and rapidly.

7. Twitter is public? No way! Crazy that people forget this right? Don’t expect to say something private on Twitter. It’s not happening. Not by DM, not by using @, no way, no how.

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