Valley of the Dolls

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Considering all the time that we PR folk spend in front of our computers, it’s sometimes nice to slide away from the desktop and tackle a creative project that requires you to be a little more hands on – especially on a Friday – a sunny, beautiful Friday.

Enter the media mailer.

With a glue gun in hand and an open mind, we put together such a mailer for the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, Wash., and wanted to share our fabulous results!

fathers-day-media-mailer_2-2We realize that the project, featuring a very boyish looking Ken doll, does require a little explanation, which we’re more than happy to provide.

The goal of the mailer is to draw the media’s attention to the Heathman Hotel’s “Pick Your Dad” Father’s Day package. The package offers four options for the different types of dads out there – the Metrosexual Dad, the Outdoor Dad, the Extreme Sports Dad and the Couch Potato Dad.

We’re pretty excited about the way Ken – I mean Dad – turned out and frankly, we’re sad to see him be shipped off to the media. But we know he’ll do a fantastic job promoting the Heathman in his pink polo and killer shades.

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