What’s Next for Google+?

Posted by: Olga Walsh in: Consumer Lifestyle -

Google+ continues to grow daily, in fact it only took 21 days after the launch of Google+ to reach 18 million users! At this rate, Google + has the potential to fundamentally change the social media landscape. So what’s next for Google+?

The feature that has been the topic of many conversations is Google+ for brands. Similar to Facebook and other social media platforms, Google+ plans to create brand pages. The brand pages are expected to exceed the consumer pages in terms of their usefulness to businesses.

In a recent Mashable article, Christian Oestlien, the platform’s product manager, mentioned that upcoming brand pages will offer a deeper experience than personal pages as a result of integration with Google AdWords and potential for in-depth analytics feedback.

Additionally, Google +’s newest “plus one” feature, which allows users to share a webpage with designated circles, has the potential to drive search traffic for brands.

I had the opportunity recently to tune into a PR News Google+ Webinar with presentations by marketers Marcy Massura, Joshua Nafman and John Bell.  Below are six ways they predict brands might utilize Google +:

• Fresh approach to customer service and engagement
• Segmenting and organizing brand fans, customers, influencers
• B2B sales force enablement
• Create and promote branded “sparks” to establish thought leadership
• Enhance search results with Google+ pages for brands and socially enabled team
• Use as a collaboration platform for teams (Google docs, video chat)

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