Writing for Robots: How Press Releases are Changing

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istock_000004576001xsmallAchieving world class results doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. It’s a work in progress. We’re always looking for ways to improve in everything we do, whether it’s grabbing attention through a national social media campaign or lining up a stellar selection of journalists for a client media tour. Even the basic press release is fair game.

Long gone are the days of stuffing, labeling and mailing envelopes filled with client news. With the digital age, we’re more efficient at disseminating information, but there are some new challenges. SEO, for one. To keep clients at the top of search results, LANE PR is plugging key words into press releases, from the headline to the boilerplate. This practice works for search engines, but is not often the best for communicating compelling news.

To keep key words front and center while successfully communicating news, LANE PR is adding key words at the top of all press releases during the draft process. This new best practice will provide clients with a frame of reference for the content of their press releases and better relay our communications strategy. It’s just one more step towards delivering world class services.

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