You CAN Measure Social Media

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“It doesn’t matter how many Facebook fans you have.  It matters how many people are talking about your brand.”

NY Life’s Social Media AVP, Gregg Weiss, believes you can measure social media.

First, companies need to get people talking about them, in a positive way.    Benchmark existing, relevant conversations online then have your company begin participating. Once you get the conversations going,  you can measure the impact by analyzing:

1.  How many people are actively talking about your company/brand?

o  Utilize Facebook’s “people talking about” metric to help you measure conversations.
o  Example metric: NY Life had 116,000 fans, 2,800 conversations going on and 2.4% of fans participating.

2.  What are people saying?  Do the comments, and the tone, indicate they think well of your company/brand?

o Example metric: 1 Billion positive impressions about your company.

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