Financial Media are on Twitter too

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As a media relations specialist, knowing the media who are on Twitter and following their interests, upcoming stories, etc., has become an important part of my job and is a value-add that I provide my clients.

At the NIRI conference this week social media is being discussed from the perspective of IROs as they examine how to properly utilize and measure the impact of this medium, including the reality that aspects of social media’s ROI remain at times unquantifiable.

Consider these stats (from muckrack.com):

278 business journalists are using Twitter, and a significant portion of them are from the leading business/financial media outlets:

  • 15 Financial Times
  • 28 BusinessWeek
  • 41 Forbes
  • 66 WSJ
  • 108 NY Times

(Note:  Muckrack.com is an excellent site for finding reporters who are on Twitter.)

This means that through social media PR specialists can better understand the interests, story ideas and perspectives of editors and reporters in a much more timely and informal way than we ever could before.  And this access and understanding allows us to do what many clients hire us for – cultivate stronger and lasting relationships with the media that cover our clients’ companies and industries.

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