Preparing to Lead: Themes from the NIRI Annual Conference

Posted by: AmberRoberts in: Financial Services -

Day 3:  NIRI Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida


I’m beginning my third day at the conference and some leading themes on what is most important to the IR and Investor Relations Officer (IRO) function have begun to emerge.   Here are a few:

•   IR must possess internal credibility.

•   The IRO should separate noise from reality.

•   There is only one message or story, IR can carry it.

•   IR must serve as a strategic partner in order to frame the context for company strategy to the street.

•   IR can bring shareholders along with the company strategy and help identify and articulate the markers/sign posts to show the company’s progress on the journey.

•   Transparency, which is increasingly important, should be reinforced through IR but that doesn’t mean you share everything. Use balance.

•   Embrace the naysayers! Acknowledge honest, critical insights. It’s not always easy, but it’s always valuable.

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