The Need for Collaboration Between IR and PR Professionals

Posted by: TedLane in: Financial Services -

I recently attended a PRSA-NY event where the topic of discussion was how public relations and investor relations professionals have historically left each other alone, rarely bridging the gap for collaboration.  However, recent technological advances, i.e. blogs, Facebook, Twitter, have intertwined the audiences for PR and IR; the general consumer can be thought of as an investor, financial analysts are becoming bloggers, and corporate responsibility is important for all audiences.

Companies are finding that their IR and PR departments must collaborate to present a succinct corporate message to all audiences.  How to disseminate the corporate message has created differences in opinion between these two practices. While public relations officers have embraced the changing media landscape, investor relations officers are hesitant, largely because of their compliance department and financial regulations. Federal regulations are vague when referencing social media forcing compliance departments to create their own set of internal rules depending on their interpretation.

More and more we are finding ourselves assisting our clients’ IR departments in developing quarterly earnings releases, mergers & acquisitions, as well as responding to financial media inquiries. With the ever expanding media platforms, it is essential for PR and IR professionals to work together to create a clear succinct voice for our clients’ companies.

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