Snake River Farms Lands on “The A-List”

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forbes_blog1Forget Angelina and Brad, Snake River Farms’ Wagyu Sirloin received accolades in the April issue of ForbesLife magazine!

After pitching the editors at ForbesLife, sharing samples and information on the quality (and deliciousness!) of Snake River Farms’ Wagyu meat, the magazine ranked the product as being “Hot for Spring.”  Both Snake River Farms and LANE PR are thrilled to be ranked with so many luxury heavy hitters like Abercrombie & Kent and The Zenvo car.

During the second century A.D., a legendary breed of cattle–called Wagyu– were brought from their home on the Asian mainland to a new life in Japan. The breed was refined in the Kobe region of Japan over hundreds of generations and has become famous around the world for its intense flavor and supreme tenderness. This ancient breed from Japan is the foundation for the premium quality of SNAKE RIVER FARMS American Wagyu Beef

Now, if we could only enjoy all of these fabulous things at once!

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