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Do people ever ask you the quasi-obnoxious question “what are your hobbies?” This always irks me for some reason, likely because most people do not consider shopping, dining out and going to the gym, hobbies. But can I help it if these are my favorite things to do? I think not.

Regardless, I have found a new hobby that very likely could actually qualify for the hobby category – kickball. Yep, red rubber ball, 4th grade, kickball – courtesy of Underdog Sports. The great thing about these adult-only leagues is that they offer something that I would imagine most of us miss from day to day – competition! Between work and home responsibilities, one rarely gets the opportunity to let loose and get outside and play…and in our case, WIN. Three time champions with another on the way, but who’s counting? Oh me, I guess. Sorry.



Anyways, Underdog (and its competitor Recess Time) offer a ton of different activities, from volleyball to dodgeball to flag football. Having something that’s not only social, but out of the norm to help break up the work week is an added bonus! So in the spirit of work/life/play balance, I would encourage anyone to pick a sport, grab some friends and get after it. If your friends gawk at the thought of playing dodgeball at a community center on a Wednesday night, their loss and the league will assign you to a team.

Get on out there and play kids. Mom will be proud.

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