Construction Zone

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newofficeThings are certainly moving and shaking over here (literally!) and the construction on our new office has begun! The first weeks involved lots of demolition, including tearing down walls and clearing out old carpet.  Now, the space is light-filled and open and we are excited for the next phase of our little workspace remodel. Wendy gave us a tour last week and walked us through possible paint and carpet colors and discussed layout and seating options – it was fun to visually see the space come together and it was the first time the final color choices and plans were revealed.

You can bet that we’ll post additional photos once the space starts to really take shape. Word on the street is that electrical work is complete and next week it’s time for drywall. Then comes paint, furniture, and finishing touches.

We’ve had fun “camping out” but we are eager to settle in to our new and improved digs so very soon!

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