Five tips for optimized press releases

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Earlier this month, the Businesswire team paid LANE a visit to discuss wire releases and how to get the most out of each client press release. Here are a few takeaways from our meeting….


1. DO:  Lots of Links are OK.  Key takeaway:  don’t limit yourself to three links only.  That’s an outdated rule. “Five links is nothing!” they said.

2. DO:  Organization Name and Link in First Sentence.  Put the organization/client name in the first or second sentence of the release.  This is even more important for SEO given recent Google algorithm changes.

3. DON’T:  Forget to Complete the Social Keyword Section of the Release Form.  Too often people skip this.  It’s a missed opportunity.

4. DON’T:  Put a Link in the Headline.

5. FOR PUBLIC COMPANIES:  If you have a release not intended for the financial boards (e.g. Yahoo Finance, etc.):
a. Make sure the ticker is not in the press release anywhere.
b. Leave the ticker blank empty in the form.
c. Add a special note under the “any other info” tab:  please do not include ticker anywhere in the release.
d. When the Businesswire editorial room calls you to confirm receipt of your release, confirm that you want the ticker left out.

Thanks again for visiting, Businesswire. The tips you provided are very applicable!

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