Moving Day!

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Public Relations Office MoveIt is moving day in the Portland PR agency office and the team is all packed up! For the next ten weeks we will be working out of our temporary space while our office gets an extreme makeover. After occupying this space for over a decade, we thought it was about time for a fresh coat of paint and some new carpet. The staff will be working in two separate spaces across the hall from our current office. We’ll be close enough to keep an eye on the remodel, but hopefully far enough away that we won’t be disturbed by dust or construction noise.

Packing up years of files and belongings was like walking down memory lane, recalling all the exciting projects and fun clients we have had the pleasure of working with. It is also a reminder of how far our industry has come. When LANE opened more than 20 years ago media alerts were being sent out via fax and no one would have dreamed that a little something called Facebook would change the way we interact with consumers forever.

So for the next ten weeks we will be camping out in our temporary space, anticipating the big reveal! We can’t wait to show off our new digs!

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