Bank on PR to Turn Viral Online Campaigns into (Millions of) Bucks – One Oregon Firm Shows You How (Eve Callahan) – Bulldog Reporter, February 19, 2009

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It started with a viral marketing video that would either take the blogosphere by storm or tank into obscurity. A young, freckled boy with dirty blond hair tells his parents at dinner, “The economy’s not what it used to be. It’s time to start my own thing.”

His “thing” turns out to be a lemonade stand—the original small business. In subsequent scenes, the boy tests lemonade recipes, looks under the couch for spare coins to use as startup money and presents a colorful business plan on an over-sized piece of paper. He then goes to Umpqua Bank and speaks with a loan officer, who approves a loan for the lemonade stand because, “There’s no way I could say no.”

Ultimately, the boy gets his lemonade stand up and running, the dollars pour in and he’s able to purchase a car—albeit a toy car.

Dubbed “The Lemonaire,” this viral video was produced by the marketing team at Umpqua Bank, an Oregon bank famous for nontraditional marketing and customer service. You can still view the video online at http://www.lemonaire.com/.

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