Best Business Hotels in Amercia (Heathman Hotel) – Entrepreneur, May 2010

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The Heathman
1001 SW Broadway; Portland, Ore.; (503) 241-4100. Best mid-range.

The best hotel  in a mid-sized American city traditionally occupies an important place in the city’s business life. Executives meet there for breakfast, local companies hold meetings, parties and dinners, and the lobby serves as a civic gathering place. While standbys such as Milwaukee’s Pfister and Dallas’ Adolphus have seen their influence erode, Portland’s Heathman has become more vital than ever–and thoroughly high-tech. The center of Portland’s arts scene, the hotel hosts jazz lunches and serves as an ever-evolving gallery space for local artists. Eight private boardrooms offer Wi-Fi (as well as fully wired connections for uneasy CFOs), and guest-room connections are complimentary, along with loose-leaf tea and French-press coffee.

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