Portland Fine Art Takes a Dynamic Trio to the Affordable Art Fair in NYC

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After Portland Fine Art’s great success last year at the AAF in NYC, they are attending again this May with two new artists. Sculptor Lawrence Morrell and painter Gary Reddick will join K Silve for a dynamic trio. These three distinctly different artists have a thread that weaves between them.

Morrell’s innovative sculptures describe reimagined life forms in luminous and intricately textured glass. He is preoccupied by the new science of synthetic biology. Similar to the way scientists may reengineer an organism’s function by rearranging it’s genetic structure, he reorganizes images from the natural world using computers. His fused and carved sculptures are informed by these images describing a refined surface of dense and organic textures in this solid yet translucent material. Taking it a step further, he floats multiple sculptures on top of one another. The visual interaction between these life forms references the positive and negative aspects of this new and controversial science.

Silve’s work, which may at first appear to be a spontaneous combustion of color and aggressive brushwork, is rather a contemplative method of building a new language about an experience. Similar to Morrell, she starts with composing on the computer. Her original sketch is informed by manipulated computer images of previous paintings and personal photographs taken during times when she was inspired. During the process of painting, she photographs the artwork, manipulates the image again, then builds a new layer of paint on top of the previous one. All of this without loosing the spontaneity of being in-the-moment during the process of putting paint on canvas.

Reddick, too, is in-the-moment during his process of painting. He is absorbed with what has come before him in his own personal experiences of life. All encompassing, he allows the moment of painting to flow through him as it enters into a new form of line, shape and color. His long history as an accomplished architect shows through in his structured, yet organic compositions. The physical framework of the board allows him to sand down previous layers, adding more color and shapes on top, creating a refined, yet fresh abstract image. His color choices are deliberate; and brushwork assured. Similar to Morrell’s surfaces, his work is solid and refined, finishing with a protective gloss, encapsulating the freedom and moments that preceded it.

The Affordable Art Fair, New York City
Location: 7 West 34th Street, New York, NY
Private Preview: Wednesday, May 4th, 6-9pm
Regular Hours: Thursday-Saturday, May 5th-7th, 11am-8pm, Sunday, May 8th, 11am-5pm.
Portland Fine Art – Booth #G12
www.portlandfineart.com | phone: 971-235-0938 | email: info@portlandfineart.com

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