Brand and Message Development

What’s the essence of your brand?

LANE defines and builds brands. We delve deep into a brand’s identity, tapping all relevant audiences to understand perceptions and reconcile them with reality. We drill down to the true essence of a brand. From there, we develop the ideal positioning and articulate the messaging that will support it. Crafting a successful brand relies on consistency in messaging – whether as a visual, in writing or through dialog.

LANE collaborates to create brands that translate within a company, across industries, and beyond geographic and cultural boundaries. Our process involves multiple steps, including workshop sessions with key internal audiences. At critical stages, LANE conducts surveys, tests messages and gathers additional input to keep a brand’s development on target and relevant. We translate the brand into a visual identity and introduce guidelines to nurture a cohesive, refreshed brand and lead roll-out efforts to ensure broad awareness and acceptance.

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