Brands need a content strategy, especially in today’s digital world

Posted by: Jeff Bunch in: Consumer Lifestyle - Digital/Social -

It appears 2012 truly is the Year of Content in the world of public relations and marketing.

As we finish out the second half of the year, there seems to be more written about content marketing than there has been in any prior year. Brands are publishers  and need to be in the game.

Google’s ongoing changes to its search engine algorithm are fueling this trend, as is social media. If a brand doesn’t create shareable content, it will likely get lost in the relentless digital streams of users. The definition of content itself is broadening. We are a visual society and consume many forms of content on a variety of digital devices, with an explosive growth of tablets and mobile phones.

Social media is where much of brand content is being consumed.  Facebook is still the dominant channel, but Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are players while Instagram and Pinterest grow quickly.

What do all of those platforms have in common? They need content for users to consume. Studies show that video and pictures generate the most interaction, but there is still a vital role for the written word.

Brands must be present on digital platforms with a thoughtful strategy. You can’t be everywhere and can’t do everything, so be strategic and integrated. You need to have a plan and a way to execute it.

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