Facebook Changes are Coming: What You Need to Know

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facebook-timeline-for-brand-pages1Facebook recently announced a series of big changes to its brand pages, going live at the end of March.

The new “Timeline” format aims to change the way businesses and consumers interact with each other.  In the short term, the changes will affect three major areas:

1. Page layouts:  Allows for larger, “cover photos” at the top of a brand page.  Here is an opportunity to brand your page beyond the little logo box.  This photo must be 851 px by 315 px and follow certain content guidelines.

2. Page management:  Who can administer brand pages and how.  Now you have different levels of access you can grant your page administrators.

3. Enhanced analytics:  Will allow real-time insights into a brand’s fans.

The changes are just the latest as the biggest social media outlet constantly innovates.

The digital world has been merging with traditional business channels for quite some time. It may have started with Facebook, but there’s also Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest to know about … the list goes on.

If a business wants to reach people where they spend time, it needs to have digital components built into its marketing and public relations plans. It’s about telling the story of your business to audiences you want to reach in ways that matter to them.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook Timeline strategy, now is the time to get one.  Here is the official Facebook announcement about the changes: https://www.facebook.com/about/pages.

Of course, these changes are only the beginning.  How you use the new Facebook to engage fans, and how Facebook and other tools fit into your broader digital strategy is where you’ll make the most difference for your business.

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