Instagram Announces New Features, Moves in on Snapchat and Periscope Market Share

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Instagram to Roll Out Live Video Capabilities, Disappearing Photos and Videos

Instagram, the Facebook-owned social media behemoth, made a power move last Monday when it announced it will soon release live video capabilities to Instagram Stories as well as disappearing photos and videos within its Instagram Direct messaging feature. The company confirmed that these features would be rolled out within the next few weeks.

Disappearing Photos and Videos

Users will soon be able to send disappearing photos and videos directly to individual friends or groups by swiping right to open the camera, taking a quick photo or video and tapping the arrow to send it privately. However, this service isn’t uniquely new to social media users, disappearing photos and videos have been Snapchat’s trademark feature since the app was initially released in September 2011.

Let’s also not forget that this isn’t the first time Instagram has taken a step into Snapchat’s domain. This August, it launched Instagram Stories, an option that allows users to share moments (i.e. photos and videos) of their day, which are accessible by approved friends for only 24 hours. But as you may recall, it was Snapchat that first released this identical feature within its app in early 2014.

Live Video

Instagram Stories will also soon bring a new level of connectedness to users and their followers via its new Live Video feature. But unlike the functionality of Facebook and Periscope live mobile broadcasting capabilities, Instagram made a point to design its live video service so that live video broadcasts will disappear from the app permanently once the user stops sharing their live video steam. Instagram stated that this design will make users feel more comfortable when using Live Video.

Again, this service isn’t uniquely new to social media users. In 2015, consumers got their first look at live-broadcasting technology with the launches of Meerkat and Periscope. Shortly thereafter, Facebook launched its incredibly popular Facebook Live video broadcasting service.

What This Means for Other Social Media Apps

This isn’t the first time Instagram has mimicked other successful mobile apps. Social media users may remember the recent news around the discontinuation of the once-popular, short-form video-sharing app Vine. Less than two weeks ago, its parent company Twitter announced it would discontinue Vine’s mobile app because of plummeting adoption rates among mobile users.

While Vine will be remembered as one of the more successful social media platforms of the past decade, many blame Instagram for its demise – It wasn’t long after Instagram launched its short-form video sharing capabilities in June 2013, that Vine began to see dwindling adoption and user download rates.

So, we think it’s safe to assume that Snapchat and Periscope could be concerned about the implications of this announcement.

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