5 Secrets to Pitching the Travel Media

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Learnings from Mod About PR, the PRSA 2017 Travel & Tourism Conference

The PRSA 2017 Travel & Tourism Conference brought together a broad community of travel professionals to connect, share and learn. A schedule packed with speakers, roundtables and discussion sessions provided insights into how PR practitioners and their clients can make the most of new opportunities via digital media as well as break into traditional channels that remain highly relevant.

Here are five key take-aways to consider when pitching stories to today’s travel and lifestyle media:


  1. Assemble a Complete Package. Travel writers are always on the go and pressed for time. Provide them with a story that is a complete package: showcase your client or destination, but also offer other points of interest – restaurants, lodging, shopping, attractions – for a ready-made itinerary that has a greater chance of turning into a feature.
  2. Don’t Bury the Lead. Start a pitch by highlighting whatever is most unique, clever, exciting or interesting about your destination or client. Use this differentiating “hook” to draw media further into your pitch, but be considerate about the reader’s time. Pitches should be brief and take no more than a minute to peruse.
  3. Be Sure to Follow Up. After an initial pitch, make a note to follow-up in a couple weeks’ time if the media hasn’t responded. Follow-up with an email, not a phone call, and be sure to tack on to your original email string for easy reference and to avoid sending media on a search through their files.
  4. Practice Patience. Even if media don’t respond to a follow-up note or within a short time frame, that doesn’t mean they won’t. Most writers participating on conference panels noted that they save all pitches, using them as a reference or revisiting them down the road as stories take shape.
  5. Think Multimedia. As you develop pitches for the media, consider how your story can translate across digital and traditional channels and engage audiences. At an informative CNN Travel panel, it was clear that travel stories are becoming increasingly interactive, from videos to articles, and that “newsy” travel sites, like CNN Travel, are the wave of the future.

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