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Whether at work or at play, travel is a constant for LANE’s travel & hospitality team. From venturing to the unexplored to discovering new favorites in old haunts, the team is preparing for a busy travel season all around:


Wendy Lane Stevens will enjoy a proud mom moment in Austin, Texas, where she’ll watch her son receive his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business. As luck would have it, graduation coincides with the Hot Luck Fest (May 18-21), a new food and music festival generating considerable buzz and drool. It’s easy to see why: it’s the brainchild of America’s pitmaster Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue, Mike Thelin of Feast Portland and James Moody of Fun Fun Fest.


Shannon Riggs is pursuing a #50statesby5 challenge for her daughters with a spring break trip to the American Southwest this month. While her eldest has already met the challenge, her youngest will reach the 49-state mark with Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. That just leaves Hawaii, which is in the pipeline for June.


Samantha Chulick is packing her bags for the PRSA 2017 Travel & Tourism Conference in Palm Springs (May 21-24) and looking forward to steady sunshine while connecting with peers and sharing best practices. Check in with her afterwards for tips on experiential marketing or how to tap into the health and wellness travel market.


Camden Covey is planning a couple of getaways to reconnect with friends and family. Up first, Memorial Day weekend in Banff, Alberta, pulls double duty: it’s an annual reunion with college girlfriends and a birthday celebration all rolled into one. In June, Camden heads to Walla Walla, Washington, for a dads and daughters tour through the region’s wineries.


Tracy Anderson is mixing it up. A family trip to Lake Tahoe in June is ripe for some unforgettable moments, particularly given that half the party of 12 is under the age of 12. And while Oregon will be the first to experience the total solar eclipse this August, it’s not the only viewing point. Tracy will be taking it in from Nashville, along with the city’s renowned music and food scene.


Kristin Heilman-Long will celebrate her sister’s wedding back home in Florida in August. In addition to a trip down memory lane in the Tampa/Clearwater area, she’ll be escaping to Key West with her husband for a five-year anniversary celebration. On the docket: a trip to the Ernest Hemingway House.


Finally, the Travel Oregon team is looking forward to sharing some of the most stunning landscapes of the state with media this June through an RDMO (regional destination marketing organization) tour of Eastern Oregon. The five-day itinerary is in the works, but participants can expect to pass through Joseph, Enterprise, Baker City and Burns with overnight stays at The Jennings Hotel, Minam Lodge and Silvies Valley Ranch.

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