Meltwater Social Summit 2018: Key Takeaways from Jorn Lyseggen

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  • Empathize with the pain point of your client before ever talking about your product. Once you understand what your customer needs, you can then show how what you offer solves their problems.
  • Social media is where you help your customer understand who you are as a brand.
  • Influencer marketing such as product reviews will continue to be a key part of marketing and buyer decision making.

Three Things to Act on Now From Meltwater Social Summit 2018

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The Meltwater Social Summit in San Francisco promised to unlock the power of social and provide a space where participants would be inspired by the best in social. The day proved to be a valuable source of information from big players in major industries from tech and marketing to beauty and travel. One key point that was stressed was to use big picture data from outside sources to make informed decisions within your organization coupled with your internal data.  Here are three ways to do that:


1.    Benchmark Your Data

Keynote speaker Erik Qualman brought up that without a benchmark, data means nothing. We all need context to understand what is going on. Compare the data to internal (month over month) and to external (industry) benchmarks. Go from the defense of reacting to what your competitors do to using data for offense to start leading the industry. Don’t be ahead of the market; be ahead of your competition. To do that, you need to know what your competition is up to.

2.    Capture Consumers Across Touchpoints

To prepare for the future disruption in the industry, international beauty brand Shiseido focused on going from data fragmentation to unification across the “nonline” (as Google’s senior VP of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, calls it) world. By creating workflows to capture the many entry and exit points in the customer journey, there is now a social command center where the goal is to approach the customer through the lens of three Cs: content, care and commerce.

This means influencer marketing and product reviews will be more important and more influential than ever. However, the messaging needs to be authentic. The shopper journey is a “vortex of touchpoints” where buyers are channel agnostic.



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We may be a little biased, but we think Feast Portland is one of the best food festivals in the county. Trendsetting chefs and celebrated purveyors – from Portland and beyond – come together to showcase their skill, creativity and passion for all things culinary.

Fortunately for us – and for you – this foodie playground is conveniently located in our backyard. We can shift from media calls at our desks to a Grand Tasting in Pioneer Courthouse Square in mere minutes, spying trends that are sure to sweep the food & beverage scene in the months ahead and taking copious notes to catch you up on the Main Events.

Grand Tastings: From the Farm
A city block is hardly enough to contain this grand celebration involving more than 80 vendors plying the city’s foodies with all manner of food and drink. For Feast 2018, we found:

  • Local bounty mixed with global flavors – imagine sweet Oregon berries spiced with the likes of ginger or habanero.
  • Farm and fringe meet mainstream: bitters, rosemary, goat cheese, edible flowers – think farm and table comes to your Facebook feed.
  • Plant-forward seems here to stay, as we tried lots of vegan bites, and on the beverage side, Frosè and wines in cans were prevalent.
  • High-demand Instagram-worthy shots – a few brands really engaged with consumers by including fun backdrops. The 14 Hands booth was overflowing with Feasters waiting for a fun-sized Frosè and a picture incorporating their unique scenery. The Oregon Berry Farm took it a step further with various backgrounds, stickers and emoji cut-outs.

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