The 2020 Food & Beverage Trend Report Has Arrived!

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Consumer group issues 11th annual report on trends taking off in 2020, from all things sustainable to new flavors, preferences, regional influences

The consumer group of Finn Partners has released its 2020 Food & Beverage Beat, reporting on the trends expected to take the food and beverage industry by storm this year. The 11th annual report found here surveys eight experts from throughout the industry and the country to pinpoint the fads, flavors and frames of reference for how food and beverage will evolve in 2020 and beyond.

“We’ve heard a lot about sustainability in recent years, but this year’s report shows just how all-encompassing that goal has become,” said Malisa Meresman, partner at Finn Partners. “Brands are really going to be challenged to show how they are being sustainable in every sense of the word, from their impact on the planet to their relationships with individuals’ health and the health of their food communities. Almost everyone is talking about sustainability, but there are other interesting movements coming down the road; 2020 is definitely shaping up to be a fascinating year for food and beverage.”

Some key food and beverage trends to watch in 2020 include:

  • Greater scrutiny of meat and dairy alternatives, as consumers become better educated about the level of processing involved to create these substitutes as well as the benefits of responsible and regenerative agricultural practices.
  • A growing African influence in the culinary space, including elements such as plant-based menus, spices, and ancient grains like fonio. The African influence should dovetail nicely with the movement of putting plant-based foods at the center.
  • More innovation at the bar in terms of plant-based flavorings and the use and re-use of ingredients. Asian influences should be prominent this year, with inspiration coming from the dynamic cocktail scenes of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Middle Eastern and Eastern European wines will demand more attention as their quality gains appreciation, while Chile and Uruguay are starting to turn heads with the right blend of price and quality. Also, look for more natural wines.
  • Increasingly personalized approaches to diets and wellness, as the reliance on fad diets and one-size-fits-all mindsets fade away. Additionally, gut health will keep getting attention, as will products – such as fermented foods and hot sauce – that promote it.

LANE’s Work with the International Olive Council and the Marine Stewardship Council Recognized at the PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards

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LANE, a Finn Partners Company, received two Spotlight Awards at the PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards ceremony on Nov. 6.

The agency received a Spotlight Award in the Marketing Business-to-Business category for its work with the International Olive Council, an intergovernmental organization whose members produce 98% of the world’s olive oil. LANE’s “Olive Oil Promise” campaign re-established vital relationships between the IOC and key industry constituencies responsible for bringing olive oil to U.S. consumers (associations, retail buyers, bottlers of private label and mass-market brands, foodservice suppliers, domestic producers supplementing inventories with IOC supply). It boosted the profile of olive oil in America and olive oil consumption in the U.S. increased 7.34% in 2018 and 2.85% in 2019.

LANE also received a Spotlight Award for its Public Service campaign for the Marine Stewardship Council, a global nonprofit organization established to protect the last major food resource that is truly wild: seafood. LANE collaborated with the Marine Stewardship Council to develop and execute a multichannel promotion that tapped into conversations around heart health during the month of February (Heart Month) and beyond. The team educated consumers about how MSC-certified products could keep them and their loved ones healthy while protecting our oceans. The campaign engaged consumers at multiple touch points to demonstrate how these heart- and ocean-healthy products – from pouched seafood to fish oil supplements to pet food – fit into their lifestyles. 

The Spotlight Awards are designed to highlight teams and individuals who’ve made breakthroughs in the industry, and continue to challenge the realm of public relations and communications.


Finn Partners Named US Agency of Record for BlackRidge Technology

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Leading Cyber Defense Provider Hires FINN to Showcase How Companies Can Shift the Advantage from Attacker to Defender

BlackRidge Technology, a global provider of adaptive cyber defense solutions has selected Finn Partners as its communication agency of record.  BlackRidge enables a wide variety of organizations to deliver more secure and resilient business services in today’s rapidly evolving technology and cyberthreat environments.

FINN’s focus includes elevating BlackRidge’s profile among IT security decision makers in the government, critical infrastructure and industrial IoT (energy, utilities), health care, and finance and insurance sectors. To do so, the agency will conduct a strategic media and analyst relations and thought leadership program amplified by a content and digital strategy. The assignment is being directed out of the firm’s Portland, San Francisco and New York offices, led by Wendy Lane Stevens, managing partner and Lisa Heathman, partner, at LANE, a Finn Partners Company.

“We’re very excited to be working with the FINN team to educate our audiences about the importance of shifting the advantage from attackers to defenders with our patented cyber defense technology,” said Bob Graham, CEO of BlackRidge Technology. “FINN demonstrated their expertise of this complex and evolving space and brings solid relationships with media, analysts and influencers who are central to reaching our customers and other key stakeholders and to establishing BlackRidge as a leading cyber defense thought leader.”

BlackRidge was founded in 2010 to commercialize patented network security technologies originally developed to cloak battlefield assets for the Department of Defense.  FINN’s communications program will highlight how issues with cybersecurity begin at the point of connection to the Internet itself.  To block cyberattacks, BlackRidge’s technology authenticates the identity of every user and device at the moment of the first request to connect. Trusted users and devices are instantly allowed in. Anonymous or unauthorized traffic can’t even see the network.

“In this era of data breaches, cybersecurity has never been more relevant,” said Lane Stevens, “and  BlackRidge fundamentally changes the security calculus by shifting the advantage from the attacker to the defender. We’re taking on the communications challenge of creating awareness of a technology that makes it possible to bring trust to the Internet.”


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